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When we first moved into our house I was determined to declutter and commit to the less is more lifestyle. However, if you happen to look in my drawers then you will discover that I have stashed loads of memories (aka crap) in an unorganized organized fashion throughout the house. You never know when you might want to look back at old concert tickets, or find that one button that came with that one shirt two years ago. Ok, so maybe I should make a scrapbook or start a button box, but that would be way too organized for my style. So drawers filled with little piles of things it is. At least it is off the counter and neatlyish tucked away inside furniture- baby steps.

Anywhooo, the point of me admitting that I have minor hoarding tendencies is that we agreed to make our bedroom a zen, quiet, peaceful place. Simple, cozy, warm, empty, grey, boring, bland, blahh… I can’t stand it anymore. It needs some life – or at the very least some color. I came across these pretty epic wall graphics from Blick Wall Decals and I’m in love. The geometric patterns are awesome and the hot girl with no pants and one shoe makes me want to run out and buy some feather accessories immediately. The last one might be kind of hilariously inappropriate for a bedroom, but maybe somewhere else in the house…




Alt summit is a really cool resource for bloggers, designers and creatives. They are hosting a diy challenge and so I thought I would use this opportunity to make my fall statement piece that adds some wow factor to my everyday cozy sweater look. This necklace combines some of my favorite trends- geometry, color blocking and wire wrapping. Gorg!




Check out the instructions:

First you need some simple supplies:

-Spray paint

– A gem or cool lookin rock ( I got mine on


-Gold Chain

-Jewelry pliers and cutters

-A jump ring and a clasp

– Gold chain

-Gold wire

Then you need some time and creativity:

Step 1- Use tape to wrap the gem where you do not want gold to be and then spray paint it

Step 2- After it is dry you can either leave it as is, or tape off another section for another color (repeat step 1)

Step 3- Remove tape and take 8 inches of wire and wrap it tightly around the gem leaving 2 inches of both ends at the back

Step 4- twist the remaining wire together 3 or 4 times and cut off extra wire from one end

Step 5- use your pliers to create a wire wrapping loop and cut off remaining wire

Step 6 – feed chain through the loop and use the jump ring and clasp to finish it off.

that’s it!



image: all from cute decision

big news- We bought a house! a real deal, white picket fence house (ok, we are going to build a fence). It is in a great area and it has a tiny yard and- the best part- a dishwasher! it does however, need some TLC, lots of paint and most importantly, some furniture. (stay tuned, many diy’s and before and after shots to follow..) I really don’t want my house to look like my old apartment- one part hand-me-down, one part ikea with a dash of target. Luckily the Alameda Flea market is this weekend. Have you heard of it? For those in the Bay Area- you must check it out. It is a shopping adventure like you have never experienced before. It does require getting up ridiculously early for a  Sunday morning, but for this- it’s worth it. Once you slurp down your cuppa at approximately 6am you will find over 800 vendors selling antique finds from all over the globe. Rows and Rows of treasures and wonders. And to top it off, the backdrop is a stunning view of the sf cityscape. I have been a few times now and have learned some important lessons watching the pros. Let me share some tips on fab flea market shoppin’….

1. Alameda is the first Sunday of every month (that’s this weekend, yay!) So don’t forget!!

2. Going early is worth it because the line to get in is WAY waaaaaaaaaaaaay shorter and all the best stuff gets snatched up quick!

3. Bring a device that rolls. A stroller, shopping cart, wheel barrow. Whatever. You don’t want to have to carry around all your finds all day long. However, if you forget have no fear. Sometimes vendors will let you leave your stuff and come back later- or you can rent a cart at the front for 5 bucks.

4. Bring cash! The big vendors take card, but there are lots of little vendors too…

5. Wear comfy shoes. You don’t want your feet to give up before your brain does.

6. Haggle! Lots of vendors will give you deals- especially if it’s towards the end of the day or you are buying multiple things.

Happy flea market frolicking!



images: all images from wayfare magazine summer 2012 issue

the leaves are starting to fall outside which means (sigh) fall is on it’s way- but! The sunshine outside is telling me summer hasn’t given up yet. I think it’s a sign to get outta town before fall is in full swing and I have to replace my sandals with scarves. Wayfare magazine is giving me lots of inspiration for potential road trips. where can I rent one of these amazing vehicles??


Image: all pics from Lonny Mag’s September issue

I love it when I wake up in the morning and the new Lonny Magazine is waiting for me in my inbox. This shoot of fashion designer Ariane Goldman‘s East Hampton abode caught my eye in particular because it makes me feel zen and inspired at the same time. Usually those two feelings don’t go together for me. Historically speaking, it’s zen and in my pj’s all day lazy, or inspired and manically running around. This house is definitely on to something……



image: oval n2 geometric ceramic

1. topshop rhinestone arrow  2.Rebecca Boatfield double triangle 3. Sketch Inc. geometric 4. Hug a porcupine cloud

Wow, it’s been a while. Please excuse the brief lack of blogging. I have been consumed with some pretty exciting stuff that I will reveal very VERY soon! In the mean time check out these sparkly lovely things that just so happen to be popping up everywhere i look. PINS! Also known as brooches for you vintage shoppers. I first noticed these while at the olympics- random i know. Lots of people were wearing these little shiny doodads that represented something- an athlete, a company, a beer…. Between events and ice cream runs they would trade them for other pins and swap stories about where they acquired them from. I just so happened to have a couple pins my mom gave me- cute little london 2012 accessories. I didn’t trade them for other pins, but i did trade one for a bottle of champagne. good trade i think!

Anyways, pins got me thinking and thinking got me looking and viola! What do you know-pins are in fashion outside the olympic park too! Check out these fun gems I discovered while on my search. I purchased this pin and I am excited about jazzing up my weekend attire with it!



how to use vinegar as an all natural household cleaning supply

living in a city means you have tons of food and fun at your fingers tips. Unfortunately,  it usually also means you can reach out and touch every square inch of your living space with those finger tips. But, despite the lack of a working heater or the hallway having to double as a shoe closet- i love my old, tiny, and quite often smelly (someone cooks a lot of chinese food below me) spot. I am trying my best to take better care of it.  my first attempt is to experiment with sustainable cleaning supplies. so here I go-cold turkey. Out with the 409, and in with the new healthy and natural cleaner- vinegar. i found the perfect recipe-simple and cheap!

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from top to bottom: ultra chloraseptic by gabriele beveridge, no title by ana vujovic, sarah, jersey city by will steacy, trabant by michael belhadi

I am incredibly excited for next sunday. i am getting on a plane with my entire family to go to London for the second week of the olympics. eeey! i cannot wait for this whole amazingly incredible experience. i am also excited to have some time in london! one of my most favorite places to visit in London is the Saatchi Gallery. There is always a perfectly curated mixture of beautiful, unique and just plain wacky works of art from artists all over the world. above are some pieces featured on their online collection. lovin’ the moody blue and yellow hues in all of these. reminds me of how i usually feel on a sunday night….




-amazing leather pieces from materials and process (back to school purchase for sure!)

last weekend was the Renegade craft fair at fort mason. my eyeballs are still aching because they were bouncing around for hours trying to get a glimpse of all the beautiful stuff for sale. this was a fun experience for two reasons-

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welcome to the first ever “design mind” post. part of the reason i started this blog was because I wanted to connect with creatives out there and share my information and inspiration with you. i am very very excited that my first interview is with a local designer who is mega talented and experiments with many mediums such as interiors, painting and jewelery. She has a super cute pad, an adorable pup, and lots of good advice to share with us! 3 cheers for Erin Roberts of little hunter design studio

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